Concerning some comments about Edgar Allen Beem’s “Moral universe is no place for Tea Partiers” that seem to feel or ask, since when did the Federal Government have the right to do this and that, I’ll counter with: when the private sector failed miserably to be good, decent responsible community stewards. If you’re upset about a fine being levied against you, the solution is simply quit your job and go on the public dole. You’ll enjoy it. (Then maybe you’ll get a real close up view of how damaged this nation really is.)

But, why be upset, you already have health insurance, I’m sure. So what’s the real motive behind the fear? Oh yes, the demonized “socialism” coming for your guns ? Maybe your Bible (you remember, you dust it off every Sunday).

Let’s a stop the fear-mongering and the hyped fear for nothing. The purpose of the health-car fine is to keep you and I from the continual subsidizing of those who work and yet continue to rely on the backs of others who are responsible enough to carry insurance. In other words, those you and I have been subsidizing for years.

John Russell