As a loyal American who appreciates our Founding Fathers even more so compared to what we have in Congress today, I feel a very strong danger coming to the liberty to keep and bear arms thanks to a large number of people who for some reason think that safety, in one form, is registering all firearms (preparatory to confiscation?).

Based on recent world history, one is somewhat justified in thinking that this country is rapidly facing a constitutional crisis that can only be prevented by the American people keeping their weapons and being prepared to defend our liberties.

However, I have a message for those who wish to “pack heat” on the streets of Maine cities in an attempt to show support for the Constitution. You are making a bad mistake and only bringing ridicule and possibly strong legal retribution for the position you espouse.

Come on, gentlemen, pack it up and go home — nothing good can come from your efforts. You are doing nothing positive for your position and only embarrassing those of us who believe as you do but soundly reject your methods at this time.

Bernard L. Gardner


Bare-breasted women on Congress Street and pistol-packing men at Back Cove.

On this journey called life, we should be moving forward and not backward to the Wild West days.

William John Foley


Don’t let CMP’s downsizing cut people who help customers


The Press Herald very appropriately brought to the public’s attention in an editorial on April 29 the need to put Mainers’ best interests at the forefront of decisions about a proposed upgrade of transmission lines.

For Central Maine Power to ensure reliable electric service for the people of Maine, the PUC must require that CMP maintain appropriate staffing levels of linemen (and women). We have all lived through many storms in which it is the workers who ensure that our power gets turned back on — not transmission upgrades.

In the recent CMP reorganization to ensure greater profits for its Spanish parent company Ibedrola, the best interests of Mainers has not been guarded by PUC. CMP used money from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act to purchase automated meters, thereby eliminating the need for hundreds of jobs for Mainers.

These meter readers also serve to guard the public from downed lines during emergencies and storms until linemen can get there, automated meters can’t do that. CMP is looking at further reducing its current workforce significantly but is holding off until after approval of the PUC on its proposed $1.5 billion transmission upgrade or some compromise on the plan.

Reliable electric service from a public utility is essential to Maine’s quality of life and future growth, and it is the CMP linemen who ensure this.

Flynn Ross


Maine would do best with Rowe as governor


Steve Rowe is a true leader who should be our next governor. He gets it. He understands the strength of the people of Maine.

He knows that if we invest in education, preventive health care, the environment and technology, the people of Maine will reap enormous economic benefits.

As attorney general, Rowe worked not only to enforce the laws of Maine but he strove tirelessly to prevent crime and help victims of crime. He consistently went above and beyond the work of attorney general.

He knows investment in the people of Maine from our children to our elders pays off in a myriad of ways. He believes that when children are educated and healthy, they will grow to become Mainers who are successful and will contribute to the vibrancy of our state’s economy.

When he protects elders from scam and abuse, he honors and supports them as they move into their later years.

Rowe believes that Maine will thrive in the 21st century if we have the education, skills and technology to compete in a global economy. He knows that Mainers are people who value hard work, ingenuity and integrity. Rowe believes that Maine will be a leader not only in the country but in the world. I believe he is right.

Steve Rowe is the leader we need now. The skills he has honed in the military, business world and government make him eminently qualified to be the next governor of Maine. Join me and vote for Steve Rowe for governor.

Anne P. Graham

North Yarmouth

One-third of all drivers shouldn’t be on the road


At least a third of all legally licensed drivers on the road today should not be driving.

Why? Because they have no idea how to operate an automobile. They do not understand the laws of nature (physics) that govern the behavior of such a machine. They don’t understand how this fantastic machine is supposed to work.

I give you the response of a California driver who claimed his Toyota raced away from him. He claimed, “I didn’t shift into neutral because I was afraid the car would roll over.” It took a policeman to remind him to turn off the key.

Toyota’s real problems are not with the car so much as the media sensationalizing poor driving, societies’ rush to an easy paycheck, ambulance-chasing lawyers, a herd mentality exemplifying a lack of driving skills, which is the state of the real driving skills of drivers flying along the roads we all use.

These problems are not a new complaint about self-actuating gas pedals. A few years back the same problem was attributed to faulty Audis.

For those few drivers who care, the solution to a “runaway car” is 1) brake, 2) activate right directional signal, 3) shift into neutral, 4) steer to curb, 5) turn off key, 6) park car on shoulder and 7) call a tow truck on your cell phone.

The speed at which you perform these behaviors is as quickly as you can. Stay cool, don’t panic, you are in control. Keep in mind that your steering will become heavier when you kill the engine, as there will be no more power assist. But, you will be able to steer and brake.

J.K. Crosbie III



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