Westbrook’s police chief wants to make sure he has the backing of elected officials as he cracks down on speeders in the city.

Police Chief William Baker said an analysis of traffic on East Bridge Street found 97 percent of motorists speed there, most assuming a 5- to 10-mph enforcement cushion before speeding tickets will be issued. He said this is typical for other areas of the city as well.

“Since the vast majority of our vocal minority seem to be more concerned about speeding and traffic than they are about more significant public safety issues; and because speeding cars are a threat to public safety and have negative consequences on the quality of life in our
neighborhoods, we have been working through our traffic officer to help people understand that 25 means 25 and 35 means 35,” Baker said.

Baker said he was alerting the City Council and mayor about the new enforcement effort because about half the feedback he has received has been from people angry about the new policy who planned to contact their councilor.

“We assume that our political infrastructure will stand strong behind us as we try and hold people accountable for the rules of the road and make our streets safer,” he said.

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