David Snow is running for the Falmouth School Board. Being an outstanding churchman, having held several responsible positions over many years at S. Mary’s, Dave was a delegate to the 2008 Maine Diocesan Convention – one of many occasions I’ve observed him in action. Dave conducts himself with quiet dignity, listens attentively and poses thoughtful, on-the-mark questions for which others are seeking answers.

Dave is astute and articulate. He is considerate, steadfast, and committed to every course of action he undertakes. He is well-versed in fiscal responsibility. He places high value on serving others, and is faithful even as dishwasher at S. Mary’s Souper Suppers – a behind-the-scenes, worthy task for which I deeply commend him. In every commitment, Dave does what needs doing.

A graduate of Falmouth High School and Williams College, he is well known for his intellect and integrity, having a solid track record of suggesting practical action. Falmouth would benefit significantly from Dave’s being on the School Board. I urge my friends to vote for Dave Snow: a prudent, judicious, sensible man and a wise vote to cast on June 8.

Marge Devine