PORTLAND — The City Council tonight approved a $196.2 million municipal budget that will raise taxes 1 percent, increase the cost of pay-as-you-throw trash bags and change public safety staffing levels on Peaks Island.

Although several councilors opposed the fee increase for trash bags and the proposed policing cutbacks for Peaks Island, the majority of the council voted to approved a budget essentially unchanged from the council’s Finance Committee recommendation last month. 

The following changes will begin on July 1:

• The branch libraries in the East and West ends will close.

•  The cost of  the city’s blue trash bags will rise from 75 cents to $1 for small bags and from $1.50 to $2 for large bags.

• Thirty-eight jobs will be eliminated, approximately half of which are filled.

• Police staffing on Peaks Island will be reduced so there would be only one officer on the island at a time, instead of two. There would be a second officer on the island on summer weekends. Also, one of the four firefighters assigned to the city’s fireboat would be stationed on the island at all times.

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