Teenagers are almost adults, and ready to make many of the most important decisions without their parents help.

The key words in that last sentence are  “almost” and “many.”

With high school graduation and prom season already under way, there is still a measure of support that our teens  need from us, as they celebrate the big transitions that  are going on in their  lives.

When a teen is headed out for a party, the most important thing a parent can do is ask two questions: Will parents be there, and will there be alcohol?

Parents who support each other are the strongest protection kids can have. Parents who won’t say yes to a party until their  questions have been answered can save lives.

It’s important that parents talk to each other during this period and get the message out that underage drinking is dangerous, and facilitating it is a crime.

Parents who have looked out for their teens since they were born are needed to look out for them for just a little longer.

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