Did you know there was a Scarborough referendum on May 11? Several of my neighbors asked me this question. I voted, after calling Town Hall to find out when it would be. My neighbors and I do not have children in the school system so we never find out about anything to do with the schools directly. We must hunt for it. One of the problems is that the state of Maine mandates that referendum absentee ballots may only be available seven days prior to the vote.

Now the good news and the bad news. The good: the next referendum will be the same day, June 8, as the primaries. The bad: citizens are able to pick up their primary election ballots and absentee ballots now, but they cannot pick up their school referendum ballots until June 1, and they cannot return it to Town Hall until June 3. Sound crazy? Those are the hoops that we must jump through to vote so our taxes will no go up.

Your personal vote matters and it counts. The last referendum vote was extremely close. You can’t complain about rising taxes if you don’t vote.

Kathleen Schuyler