Cumberland is fortunate to have Sally Leavitt stand for Town Council. As a lifelong resident of Cumberland, she understands the needs of the town and its diverse communities. She has expressed new ideas and approaches to address the many challenges our town is currently facing.

Sally was very active in this year’s budget hearings. She attended the town budget meetings offering different strategies and ideas to meet the financial challenges we faced this year. She was recognized several times for her excellent work and contributions. Her work was complimented numerous times by members of the current Town Council. Sally knows how to work across the various constituencies on the council and how to work comfortably with the diverse communities that make up Cumberland.

Sally has a deep affection for our town and its residents and as a result brings empathy and understanding to many situations involving our residents. She has an intellectual foundation that underscores the town’s need for growth while maintaining Cumberland’s rural environment. She brings a much needed fresh perspective to understanding and addressing the needs of Cumberland taxpayers. She has a vision for the future of Cumberland that is financially sound and community oriented.

I support Sally’s candidacy for the Town Council and encourage Cumberland voters to elect her.

Rita Yavinsky