It has been a great honor to serve on the Falmouth Town Council for the past three years.

Falmouth is recognized across the region and the state as a leader, and I have worked hard to keep it that way. We are leaders because of our outstanding schools, our commitment to purchasing open space and protecting our natural resources, and even because of our recycling rate.

Despite the poor economy and the state’s cut in funding to our town, I have voted each year for a budget that maintains our quality services without raising the property tax rate.

I have encouraged public input and thorough planning on major projects, particularly those such as the future of the Falmouth Shopping Center, which will have long-term implications for the future economic development of our town.

I make careful decisions about how to spend taxpayers’ money, thinking about the long term, not just the short term. I am a progressive thinker and a pragmatic decision-maker, willing to listen and compromise to best serve our town.

Being an incumbent, I already understand the complexities of town government from land use issues to fiscal ones.

Three years ago I campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility, open government and integrity. I have followed through on my campaign promises.

Now I am asking for your vote once again on Tuesday, June 8. Thank you.

Councilor Bonny Rodden