I am writing to voice my support for the Falmouth Town Council’s decision to unanimously pass a resolution that condemns name-calling, personal attacks and abusive language during meetings and in correspondence. This comes after months of behavior that Councilor Fred Chase described as never having “… witnessed any such actions by an individual in the town of Falmouth.” It culminated in a letter addressed to Councilor Bonny Rodden, which appears to be both defamatory and harassing in nature.

The letter was made public at the council meeting. The author urges her to withdraw from the election although “I imagine you would supply me with endless opportunities to embarrass and humiliate you.” It continues “… If you force my hand by not withdrawing from this election I will bring my considerable skill set and intellect to bear against you” and advises that councilor Rodden “… may want to discuss your decision with your family because they will have to live with it as much as you will.”

The letter’s lack of any mention of issues of town policy clearly demonstrates that it was personal in nature. The attempt to influence one of our democratically elected officials by involving their family members strikes at the very core of democracy and the values this community rightly prides itself on.

I laud the council for standing up to this reprehensible behavior.

Deirdre Conroy-Vella