When some residents of Anson and Madison walked out of their homes this week, they found papers on their lawns saying: “White Americans Awake!!!”

At least a dozen residents found papers that claim to be from a group called Blood & Honour American Division.

It called itself “the tireless voice of global White nationalism and racial unity.”

Colby Seams, 66, of Anson found the papers on his lawn Sunday. “It’s only one step removed from white hoods and the Ku Klux Klan,” he said.

The papers, purportedly from a group founded in England with divisions in various countries, say: “The time for true change and social progress is now! Too long have we passively sat by and merely watched as our communities have fallen victim to the failed social experiment of multiculturalism.

Too long have we stood by and stoically observed the destruction of our heritage and nation.”

Although police and the district attorney are aware of the papers — which ended up on a Somerset County deputy’s lawn — no outright violence is suggested, and no crime has been committed, said Somerset County Lt. Carl Gottardi.

He said he has no reason to believe the papers are connected to an event in Bucksport earlier this month, in which a man posted white-supremacist fliers in town and later said it was a hoax.

The papers “didn’t seem to be targeting anybody in particular. Seems to be more someone stating their personal views or their beliefs,” Gottardi said.

Seams, who had never heard of the group, said it doesn’t matter if it’s a hoax. “If it’s a joke, I don’t get it,” he said.

“If anybody has an idea that’s worth believing, it seems to me they would stand up and state it and come out from under the rocks,” he said.

Thomas Harnett, assistant attorney general for civil rights education and enforcement, said the group is a “known organization” with a website.

“They claim not to be a hate group, but the fliers that I saw seem to take a very negative view of immigrants and multiculturalism. But I have no idea if they’re active in Maine. Anybody with a printer can get this stuff,” he said.

The papers say: “As illegal Third World immigrants stream across our borders and overwhelm our already limited job market, lower the quality of public education, exploit public services, destroy neighborhoods, and add to ‘minority’ crime rates we do nothing.”

Harnett said that while people have the right to free speech, that “speech can instill fear in some people. If it is a hoax and is instilling fear in either people of color or immigrants or people that this group does not define as white American patriots, that’s troubling, because we don’t want any person to be afraid.”


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