As a city councilor and former mayor in South Portland, I am looking for a governor who knows how to get things done in state government, and who understands the impacts policies in Augusta have on local communities. That’s why I am supporting Libby Mitchell in the June 8 Democratic Primary.

Mitchell not only is the Senate president, former speaker of the house, and director of the Maine State Housing Authority, she was a selectman in Vassalboro for nine years. Of the candidates in this race, she has a unique understanding of how local government works, and the challenges municipal leaders face.

Mitchell has a deep commitment to our K-12 public schools and for higher education. She supports innovative programs like Jobs for Maine Graduates, and understands that we must increase opportunities for higher education, particularly in areas that are essential to growing industries in Maine, such as tourism and energy.

But beyond all else, she does not just have good ideas, she has the ability to make them happen. She brings people together to get the job done. That’s the kind of leadership I like; and that’s the kind of governor we need. On June 8, please vote for Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell.

City Councilor Jim Hughes
South Portland