The Maine filmmaker detained after Israeli commandos attacked a flotilla of aid ships where he was documenting activities is expected to be deported from Israel within hours, his father said this afternoon.

Moe Hamann said his son, Scott Hamann of South Portland, is reportedly at the Tel Aviv airport waiting to fly out with other Americans being expelled from Israel in the wake of the clash aboard aid vessels Monday. Nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed in the commando raid, which was part of Israel’s enforcement of its blockade of the Gaza Strip, intended to keep the Iranian-backed Hamas group from getting weapons.

Hamann was aboard an American-flagged ship that was part of the flotilla. Most of the violence Monday occurred when commandos were dropped from helicopters onto a Turkish-flagged vessel and fought with pro-Palestians aboard that ship.

Moe Hamann said he was told by the office of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., that the Americans being deported as a result of the blockade confrontation are expected to fly out late Wednesday or early Thursday, Israel time. Israel is seven hours ahead of Maine time. Moe Hamann said he has been dealing with Shaheen’s office because he lives in New Hampshire.

Moe Hamann said he hasn’t been told where the Americans will be taken once they leave Israel.

 Moe Hamann also said he was told that his son suffered a toe injury when a grenade landed near his foot as Israeli commanders were boarding the ship. His son received treatment from the Red Cross, he said.

Scott Hamann was hired by David Rubinson, an American expatriate, to document the Free Gaza flotilla.

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