South Portland police have arrested three New York men on charges of passing $2,500 in fraudulent travelers checks.

Officers were called to the Target Store on Running Hill Road at 4:30 p.m. Thursday for a report of suspected travelers check fraud. Police say they found a white Escalade with New York license plates that was believed to be involved in the caper in the parking lot.

Four people soon returned to the car and police pulled it over on the Maine Turnpike spur just before the Exit 45 toll booth.

Three of the men were charged with aggravated forgery, a felony, and felony theft and were taken to the Cumberland County Jail.

The three are accused of using fraudulent American  Express Travelers Cheques to buy gift cards and electronics, police said. Police recovered $2,200 in cash and $5,200 in travelers checks.
The three arrested are Paris Way, 28, Jahiya Qualis, 21, and Jamal Linton, 21 all of Brooklyn, New York. The SSecret Service assisted in the investigation.