COLEBROOK, N.H. — Court documents regarding a deadly explosion at a New Hampshire gun and ammunition plant indicate evidence of possible violations concerning the storage, manufacturing and handling of explosive materials.

The Caledonian-Record reports the state Fire Marshal’s Office received two search warrants regarding the MDM Muzzleloader plant in Colebrook. Two men died and a third was injured May 14.

According to the warrants, an interview with an electrician showed a potential wiring issue or electrical hazard in one of the main production machines before the explosion.

The documents also say the injured worker told investigators a piece of equipment suspected to be the origin of the blast — a tub used to mix and grind chemicals to make a black powder substitute for muzzleloaders — was repaired a day before the blast.

In the documents, Christopher Wyman of the state Fire Marshal’s Office said he was told firefighters removed two explosive magazines, one of which was empty and one of which contained powder, from the rear of the building as they were fighting the fire.

“I could observe numerous potential sources of ignition in close proximity to the magazine,” Wyman said in the documents.


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