The May 19 editorial by The Portland Press Herald states that Magistrate Judge John Rich III will not assume that gay activists will misuse donor names of the National Organization Marriage.

In its defense NOM says that gay activists will abuse the donor names.

The Portland Press Herald likes Judge Rich’s rulings. But what are the facts?

When activists in Massachusetts tried to counter the ruling of six state Supreme Court judges that legalized same-sex marriage by circulating a ballot initiative there, there were all kinds of harassment and names of supporters were published.

NOM is a nationwide effort to fight for traditional marriage, which is God-honored.

The Human Rights Campaign in Washington is a national organization for counterfeit marriage. Do they release their donor names?

No siree! The record is clear — the actions of gay activists and their supporters has been full of harassment and vandalism. A service in St. Patrick’s Cathedral was disrupted by gay activists and there have been other instances.

C’mon press, get with it! Start telling the truth!

The front-page article on the court ruling quotes Betsy Smith, director of Equality Maine, saying, “We all play by the rules. They need to play by the rules.”

That’s hardly true when you disagree with them.


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