While this subject may have already had its 15 minutes of fame, I wanted to write regarding the Yarmouth High School honor code and the frivolous lawsuit filed by Michael Waxman several weeks ago. From the onset of this issue, I was appalled by the way in which Mr. Waxman handled it. By using this situation as a way to try to push his personal views, Mr. Waxman did a disservice to the client he represented, the school system and to the entire legal profession. Having spoken with several acquaintances and friends who are lawyers, it was clear to me that his case had no legal basis.

For many in the community, this issue has already faded into the background. However, I would encourage everyone to remember this: this case cost the Yarmouth School Department (and taxpayers) $7,736.28 in legal fees. This does not include the costs of having school administrators and faculty respond and spend time out of school to defend their actions. In this time of shrinking budgets and challenging economic times, I can think of far better uses of taxpayer money.

Peter Senger

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