Voters narrowly approve forming charter panel

The debate over forming a commission to review Westbrook’s city charter ended Tuesday with voters narrowly approving the proposal.

Residents decided by a vote of 1,349 to 1,343 to form the commission. Mayor Colleen Hilton said the city charter is outdated and must be reviewed. She said it will be a good opportunity for residents to decide whether city councilors should be elected every two years. Currently, the entire council is up for re-election every two years.

“I’m glad it passed,” Hilton said Tuesday night. “The language (of the charter) is so outdated. If nothing else, I think it’s time to take a look at it. Everything will go back to the voters anyway.”

Voters will elect six members to the nine-member commission in November. The council will appoint the other three members, city officials said.

Also Tuesday, residents approved an estimated $33 million school budget by a vote of 1,981 to 811, and voted to continue annual school budget referendums by a vote of 2,259 to 564.

Residents elect councilors, School Board members

Voters elected several town councilors and School Board members in Tuesday’s elections.

Faith Varney finished first in a field of five candidates for the Town Council. Bonny Rodden and Tony Payne were also elected.

Elected to the School Board were David Snow and Christopher Murry, from a field of four candidates.

Residents back school budget, roadwork funds

Voters decided Tuesday to support funding for road improvements and a heavy rescue truck and approved the school budget.

Residents voted 1,820 to 1,391 to spend as much as $3 million for improvements to the town’s roads. Residents also decided, by a vote of 1,849 to 1,357, to spend $450,000 to buy a heavy rescue truck.

They also approved a $30 million school budget, by a vote of 2,491 to 679, and decided to continue voting on the school budget each year, by a vote of 2,489 to 736.

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