SCARBOROUGH – It was a few games into the girls’ lacrosse season this spring when Ellie Morin of Scarborough realized what might be possible.

Her mind raced back to the fall. To her and teammate Brittany Ross’ run to the Class A field hockey title. To the crush of emotions that followed.

Next she flashed to Feb. 27, when the Red Storm basketball team beat Skowhegan to capture the program’s first gold ball. Ross, the point guard, put up 12 points. Morin matched her.

And now it was spring. The lacrosse season was going well; she and Ross patrolled the midfield.

It was all set up: a possible trifecta of Class A state titles in one season — a feat so rare that many don’t dare speak of it in the Scarborough High hallways.

“I remember thinking, ‘Whoa, we can really do this,’ ” said Morin. “And now I really want it.”

Morin and Ross, who have played sports together since the fifth grade, enter the Western Class A semifinal against No. 4 seed Kennebunk (9-4) with a third state title squarely in view.

“They both have that never- give-up attitude,” said lacrosse coach Marcia Wood. “I see them out there, any sport, it’s that win-at-all-costs attitude.”

Ross and Morin are part of a standout class of athletes at Scarborough: Heather Carrier, the softball catcher, was also on the field hockey and basketball teams, and is chasing a third state title.

“It’s so rare,” said Scarborough Athletic Director Gary Groves. “When you look at this whole group, we just have an incredibly special group of athletes.”

To up the stakes even more, Morin and Ross haven’t lost a game all year. They went 18-0 in field hockey, 22-0 in basketball, and are 12-0 in lacrosse.

“I was there when they won the basketball title and I felt sick to my stomach,” said Wood. “I remember thinking, ‘Great, here comes the pressure.’ “

She kids. Really.

This is a team that was upset last year by Kennebunk, losing 13-9 in the regional quarterfinals. It hurt.

In years past they’ve tasted what second place feels like.

“We’ve got to pull this out,” said Wood.

Morin said she and Ross share their experience of winning in the fall and winter with their spring teammates.

“We encourage the team with it. We know what it feels like and we tell them, you want to feel this too,” said Morin.

They know what their task is Saturday.

To stay focused and calm. To play their game.

Morin will try to win draws, she’ll flip the ball near Ross, who has speed, and the two will use their transition game.

They’re excited and nervous.

“A lot of people know we haven’t lost,” said Ross. “They ask us, ‘Are you ever going to lose a game again?’ “

“I dont remember what it’s like to lose,” said Morin. “It would be so exciting for me to win. It’s been three years of getting so close (in lacrosse). I’m sick of losing.”

Next fall Ross will head to Providence College, where she will play field hockey on a scholarship. Morin will head to Southern New Hampshire, where she will play lacrosse on a scholarship.

But today they play for the Red Storm. And they have one more title left to chase.

“Winning a championship. It’s hard to explain what it feels like,” said Morin. “We know.”


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