It is time for true Americans to stand up for the Constitution and the laws of this amazing country. We are faced with a serious problem: illegal immigration.

The U.S. government has refused to deal with this issue for decades. Arizona spends approximately $1.5 billion on issues dealing with illegals. Therefore, Arizona decides to enforce our Constitution and laws by passing a law dealing with illegals.

If you come into contact with law enforcement on an issue not related to your race or ethnicity, you may be asked for identification.

When you are stopped by a Maine state trooper or questioned by a local officer, what is their first request? I believe it is, “Identification, please.”

It is a federal law that non-naturalized individuals must carry documentation with them at all times. Just like U.S. citizens in any foreign country must do.

Request for documentation of residency by the authorities upon reasonable suspicion is not unconstitutional. There has not been any liberal condemnation or media coverage regarding discussion within our Justice Department to suspend Miranda warnings for U.S. citizens suspected of contributing (financially or through involvement) to a terrorist organization and holding them indefinitely without charges. Is this America?

Numerous cities have banned or recommended against travel to Arizona because of their new law. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder believes this law is unconstitutional but admitted he hasn’t read it.

Maybe it’s time for Americans who believe in our laws to boycott these cities; Boulder, Colo., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, etc.

If you travel in the United States or operate a business where a travel destination is your option, why not visit Arizona?

It is a beautiful and culturally diverse state welcoming all legal residents of the United States — at present, still the greatest country on this planet.

H.W. Beatty III


Before people go off half-cocked regarding Arizona’s recent legislation pertaining to illegal aliens, they should try a little “due diligence” first and read the bill. After all, it’s only about 16 pages long and simply mirrors existing federal immigration statutes.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet, every two-bit, politically correct left-leaning moonbat appears to prefer ginning up the “race card” factor, instead of the facts. How convenient.

I guess that’s what it’s all about for liberals, isn’t it? Truth be damned! Full “spin” ahead!

Anyhow, for those who care about the truth, just Google Arizona S.B. 1070. For those who don’t, they can wallow in their own half-baked ignorance.

Dennis Gervais


Millions of foreign citizens stream illegally across our southern border. They inundate our cities, they overwhelm our infrastructure, and burrow into our culture.

Arizona, desperate for help, decides that it must try to do what the federal government refuses to do, and passes a law that will at least help to identify these illegal aliens. In response, Mexico’s president slithers across the border, stands in our capital in front of our elected “leaders” and berates us for it.

Never mind that Mexico’s immigration laws make ours look like a page from Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette. And what do our “leaders” do? They cheer him on.

And our president, the man whose responsibility it is to represent and defend our country, echoes the criticism, nodding like a bobble-head doll. He can’t wait to grovel before other heads of state and find a way to apologize for being an American.

We must be the laughingstock of the planet, and there’s no end in sight. Embarrassing doesn’t begin to cover it. We need a new term, one that encompasses the level of shame and weakness that this administration is bringing upon us — I call it “Obarrassing.”

Kerry Peabody


Considerate people made graduation very pleasant 

On June 6, I attended the Gorham High School graduation ceremony at Merrill Auditorium. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff there for their kindness and cooperation in assisting me.

I am 87 years old and use a walker. Frankly, I rather dreaded the idea of contending with the large crowds; however, the entire experience proved to be extremely positive.

The parking staff, the ushers and security people were all courteous, patient, polite and pleasant.

They may have just been doing their job but they did everything possible to make sure that I got in and out of the auditorium as safely and comfortably as possible.

I would also like to thank the young woman who parted the crowds for me in the lobby so that I could get through. She was like Moses parting the Red Sea!

Thanks again for all your help! All of you made a special day even more so. It is very reassuring to know that people like you are out there. You all literally made my day.

Arlene Bean


Changing waterfront rules could lead to great losses 

The controversy over possible relaxation of zoning on the waterfront of our fair city of Portland should be paid attention to by all.

My thoughts are that a 19th-century building should be preserved if at all possible.

We lose way too many historical and beautiful old buildings to a slightly crazed attempt to make things all “modern.”

We really don’t want to look like any other waterfront city, do we? Also, development, even on the waterfront, can be a very good thing, but not at the demise of our unique and already threatened working waterfront.

Makes me think of the bumper sticker that says, “No farms, no food” — no berths, no wharves, no fishing industry, all means no food from fish.

Having a food supply is important — think about that. And if you need more on this, I recommend the documentary “Food, Inc.” And finally, a good friend said it best — and I refer all to take a listen to Moore Wild Lynch on under The Moore Wild Show — Carson Lynch’s original song “Crossing the Line.”

This is very important stuff — pay attention!

Linda Morris


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