ALFRED — State prosecutors today continue to call witnesses in the murder trial of Darlene George of Old Orchard Beach, and her brother Jeffrey Williams of New York. The trial opened Monday at York County Superior Court.

George and Williams are accused of plotting and carrying out the June 20, 2008, killing of George’s husband, 44-year-old Winston George.

Prosecutors claim Darlene George recruited Williams and her longtime boyfriend, Rennie Cassimy, to kill her husband during an elaborately staged home invasion.

Dr. Marguerite DeWitt, the state’s deputy chief medical examiner, testified this morning that Winston George was strangled with a rope and suffocated with a plastic bag.

Whoever killed George tied him up and used a blade to cut the left side of his jaw and head, just enough to break the skin, DeWitt said. She said George was still alive when the plastic bag was put over his head. A rum bottle was lodged in George’s mouth; the neck of the bottle had been inserted through a small opening in the front of the bag, DeWitt said.

The state intends to call several more witnesses, including Darlene George’s teenage son, who was tied up along with his mother while his stepfather was killed. Also yet to testify is Cassimy, who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder.

The defense lawyers for George and Williams likely will not begin presenting their case until next week.