PORTLAND – Misty Sargent, the Cumberland County Jail inmate who walked away from her work-release job Monday, was captured in Portland on Tuesday night.

Sargent, 25, was taken into custody on Pleasant Street around 8:30 p.m. without incident, said Cumberland County sheriff’s Capt. Don Goulet.

Sargent, who was serving a sentence for two counts of felony theft, was returned to the jail.

Prosecutors will decide whether to charge her with escape, Goulet said.

Authorities said Sargent was working at Goodwill Industries’ facility on Diamond Street on Monday afternoon when she went outside for what she told her co-workers would be a breath of fresh air.

Sargent was serving a nine-month sentence for running an adoption scam in which she told couples across the United States that they could adopt her baby.

Sargent accepted as much as $10,000 in financial support from those couples.

But she ended up giving her child to a couple in New York who had adopted a child from Sargent a few years earlier.