LOS ANGELES – Sony is moving forward with its 3-D and motion-control gaming plans.

The game maker announced Tuesday that 20 3-D games would be released for its PlayStation 3 console by March 2011, while 40 games that utilize PlayStation Move, the console’s new motion-control system, would be out in time for the holiday season. Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii, the PS3 has been updated with software to display 3-D games.

“What PlayStation did for Blu-ray, we’re now ready to do for 3-D,” said Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kazuo Hirai at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. “It’s that experience in content that will define 3-D.”

Among the unveiled 3-D games, which would require a 3-D television and 3-D glasses to be experienced in full stereoscopic 3-D, were “Motor Storm: Apocalypse,” “Gran Turismo 5,” “Crysis 2,” “Tron Evolution,” “Shaun White Skateboarding,” “Mortal Kombat” and “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.”

Other games that were debuted included “Sorcery,” an action-adventure title that transforms the lollipop-shaped Move controller into a magical wand.