ALFRED — The murder trial of an Old Orchard Beach woman and her brother entered its second week this morning. with testimony from three Maine State Police detectives at York County Superior Court.

Darlene George and Jeffrey Williams are on trial for the June 20, 2008, murder of George’s husband, 44-year old Winston George.

A third defendant, Rennie Cassimy, already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. Cassimy, who says he had been Darlene George’s lover for more than decade, tesitifed against her and Williams last week.

Prosecutors claim George, Williams and Cassimy conspired to kill Winston George and to make the cirme look like a home invasion by strangers.

Detectives this morning testified that cell phone calls made by Williams and Cassimy showed their movements from New York City to Maine on June 19, 2008, and back to New York the following morning.

Previous witnesses and videotape clips from bus surveillance cameras have also shown Cassimy and Williams on those two days.