Regarding your editorial titled: “New Hampshire debuts a toll system that works” (June 16), I have some comments.

In the times I have passed through the tollbooths, I have seen women “manning” them. Isn’t it time to move away from the term “manning”? How about “staffing”?

But, more to the point of the editorial about the efficiency of New Hampshire’s new toll system versus the Maine Turnpike toll system at York:

Look at the questions facing a driver approaching the Maine Turnpike tollbooths in York, with signs like “EZ-Pass lanes one and seven.” The driver wonders how many lanes are there?

Lane one must be on the left, lane seven must be over six lanes to the right. No! The lanes are numbered from right to left. Who would have thought?

Which lane should I be in, since I can’t see the lane numbers until I get up close?

There is at least one way to streamline the existing situation.

Why not use the flashing yellow lights to identify E-Z Pass-only lanes, the way it is done in other states? No need to figure out lane numbers, which are backward anyway.

The flashing yellow lights can be seen for quite a distance, directing drivers before they get trapped across several lanes.