The state ethics commission today voted to have staff investigate automated calls critical of Waterville Mayor Paul LePage that went out to Republican voters on the eve of the June primary.

 Robert Stone of Auburn filed a complaint with the commission June 11 after he received a phone call at home that “advocated for the defeat of Mr. Paul LePage,” but did not disclose who paid for the call or whether any other candidate had authorized it. LePage handily defeated six other Republicans in the primary to win the nomination.

 Jonathan Wayne, executive director of the commission, told commission members that the call made reference to LePage’s stance on same-sex marriage. LePage opposes same-sex marriage and civil unions, but supports the use of “civil law contracts” for things such as wills, property ownership, and power of attorney, said his Chief of Staff John Morris.

 Wayne said he and his staff will investigate the calls to try to determine where they came from and who paid for them. Maine law requires those types of calls to clearly state the name of the person who paid for the call and whether a candidate authorized it, he said.