PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Several candidates for Rhode Island attorney general have promised to review the investigation into a 2003 nightclub fire that killed 100 people if they are elected the state’s next top prosecutor, addressing concerns from some family members that not enough people were punished.

Three top candidates interviewed by The Associated Press — Democrats Joe Fernandez and Peter Kilmartin and Republican Erik Wallin — said they would look at the investigation if elected in November to succeed Democratic Attorney General Patrick Lynch. They agreed to do so after a plea from Dave Kane, father of the youngest victim killed in the fire, who has been vocal in his criticism of Lynch. Lynch is term-limited and is running for governor.

The fire was started when Daniel Biechele, a tour manager for the 1980s rock band Great White, set off pyrotechnics that ignited flammable foam that had been installed on the walls of The Station nightclub by owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderian as soundproofing.

All three men were convicted in 2006 of 100 counts each of involuntary manslaughter. Biechele and Michael Derderian were each sentenced to four years in prison, and Jeff Derderian was given probation and community service.

Some believe the town fire inspector, who failed to note the foam on the walls during inspections, should have been charged.