BATH — Bath Iron Works has been awarded a contract modification of more than $105 million from the U.S. Navy for construction of the second DDG-1000 destroyer and for pre-production planning and lead materials of a third ship.

BIW spokesman Jim DeMartini said the modification allows the shipyard “to continue buying long-lead (time) equipment for … the second ship in the three-ship buy, and it’s the first funding that we’ve received to … buy long-lead material for (the third ship).”

DeMartini added that “this particular modification is an indication of two things … the Navy’s continuing commitment to a three-ship buy, and two, continuing confidence in BIW to deliver all three of those ships (at) an affordable cost and the quality that we’re noted for.”

BIW is building the first of the three vessels, which is to be delivered to the Navy in 2013. The shipyard will construct the majority of all three vessels, while Northrop Grumman will provide pieces such as the helicopter hangar and composite deckhouse.

A contract has only been awarded for the first vessel. DeMartini expects the contract for the second to be awarded later this summer.

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