AUGUSTA — Police on Friday returned to the area near the Togus Veterans Affairs medical complex where a fatal shooting occurred Thursday.

But it was for a false alarm, Togus police Chief Dennis Passmore said.

A suspicious vehicle parked near the area of Thursday’s fatal shooting — in which a Togus police officer and Maine warden shot and killed James F. Popkowski, 37, of Medway — sparked concern, Passmore said.

“Right now, everyone’s nervous about what happened,” he said. “We’re taking all the precautions.”

Earlier in the day Friday, an Eastern Avenue resident who lives across the street from the scene of Thursday’s shooting said police from a number of different agencies — including the Augusta Police Department, Togus Police and Maine State Police — had returned to the area where Popkowski was killed.

Shaw also said a car with veterans’ license plates was parked near the scene of Thursday’s shooting.