Gorham police have recovered $25,000 in jewelry and other items stolen from homes in the White Rock area in June and July.

Police on Monday charged Alexander Cody McPhee, 21, of Gambo Road in Gorham with eight counts of burglary, six counts of felony theft, two counts of misdemeanor theft and two counts of criminal mischief.

Police executed a search warrant at McPhee’s house and found the stolen merchandise, said Lt. Christopher Sanborn. Some has been returned but police are still trying to find the owners of additional items, he said.

Most of the homes were unlocked though McPhee is accused of forcing his way into a couple, he said.

Police identified McPhee as a suspect after a Gorham resident who was aware of the burglaries found him in the common area of a multi-family building and called police. Detective Sears Edwards arrested McPhee Monday on a charge of possessing stolen property which led to the search warrant.