FALMOUTH — The Town Council voted 6-1 to adopt the Street Acceptance Ordinance at its July 12 meeting.

The council also voted 6-1 for an amendment to include language from a similar policy into the ordinance.

“Rather than have a separate connectivity policy, we’ve included the language in the ordinance,” Community Development Director Amanda Stearns said.

Councilor Bonny Rodden opposed the ordinance and the amendment.

Stearns said the changes that were made to the ordinance since the June 21 public hearing were not substantive and that staff had determined it could be approved without holding another public hearing.

The ordinance explains the process by which a private road could become a public way. That road would then be maintained by the town and would be available for use by the public. The changes define how, exactly, an applicant is to submit a road to the Public Works Department for consideration as a public way.

It would require the applicant to supply documentation of any waivers granted by the Planning Board for street standards and any deviations from the current street standards.

It would also require detailed drawings of the street, details of right of way or easements on the street, and past costs of maintenance.

In other business, the council also sent an ordinance regulating boat and RV storage to the Ordinance Committee.

The ordinance would limit storage of boats larger than 30 feet on residential property. Councilor Fred Chase said there are several boats in town that do not comply with the current ordinance.

“I’m not in the mood to change an ordinance because some boats don’t comply,” he said, adding that he would rather see the town enforce the ordinance as written.

The council also discussed proposed changes to the METRO bus schedule that would provide more afternoon stops at Ocean View. The council will hold a public hearing on the proposed schedule changes at its meeting on July 26.

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