HANOVER, N.H. – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered the first in a series of “presidential lectures” at Dartmouth College on Friday, saying once again that he doesn’t plan to try to become president of the United States.

The “president” in the lecture series’ title is Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim, who created the program to supplement students’ classroom experience with real-world lessons. But the U.S. presidency also came up in a written question from an audience member who asked Bloomberg if he planned to run and offering to work his or her “tail off” to get him elected.

“Thank you, Diana, for that question,” Bloomberg joked, referring to his girlfriend, Diana Taylor, a 1977 Dartmouth graduate and board of trustees member.

He kept up the joking tone, saying every one of his positions “cuts off half the country” and would make it impossible for him to win over enough voters to get elected president.

“I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights. I’m pro-immigration. I’m against guns. I believe in Darwin. It’s down to Diana, my mother and me left, and I’m not sure about my mother,” Bloomberg said.

Directing his comments specifically to reporters at the back of the theater, Bloomberg was more blunt, saying: “No, I’m not running. Make that clear.”

Bloomberg, a billionaire Republican-turned-independent, explored a potential third-party presidential campaign in 2008 before deciding not to run.