Your editorial “view” concerning the postal service is off the mark (“Let other firms compete with postal service,” July 8).

As a 29-year retired veteran of the U.S. Postal Service, I think I can say so. Service is in the name for a reason.

The postal service was not created to make a profit, as so many people, including present management, think.

If you think that for one minute that independent companies will deliver your mail as cheaply as the postal service, then you can buy some land I own under Casco Bay.

Forty-six cents? Try a $1.46 stamp and you might be closer to the actual cost, and you know there would not be the service and security you have now!

If you privatize mail delivery, that means people making minimum wage delivering checks?

Guess again! Theft rates would skyrocket, mail delivery “service” (there’s that word again) would be at the mercy of how many companies?

And don’t forget, all those businesses that come in to get their mail set up for discounts. How can you get a discount when you might have a dozen companies across the country delivering mail?

Noooo, if what you say should happen, then everyone might as well give up on holiday cards, bill payments and gifts being delivered because it ain’t gonna happen.

And by the way, you should understand that having so many “managers” who can’t manage is what needs to be changed! I could go on, but space is limited.