I was sorry about a couple of things when I first showed up at Bentley’s Saloon.

I was sorry I had partied a little too hard the night before. I was sorry they had a Bloody Mary bar but no mimosas.

But mostly, I was sorry I hadn’t started out here the night before.

First off, Bentley’s is ginormous. There’s an average-sized room when you enter, with a full bar and plenty of tables. As you head toward the back there’s a huge room, complete with another bar, multiple tables and a stage.

Hanging from the ceiling? A mix of bike memorabilia and bras. (For the record, I left with mine still on!)

There’s a big silver pig showcased in the middle of one very large table, and rumor has it patrons have been known to climb aboard after one too many.

Head even further back through the doors and there is a huge outdoor space, completely fenced in, with yet another bar and picnic tables galore.

So yeah, I may have received a look when I grunted at the bartender’s “no champagne” response, but I recovered quickly and acted like I parked my bike out back just like the rest of the crowd. After all, this is Maine’s famous biker bar, not some high-end cafe in the Old Port.

With multiple bars inside and out, and beer stations set up throughout the huge space when it’s busy, all your drinking needs are covered at Bentley’s.

I counted more than 12 draft beers and 25 bottled varieties before my A.D.D. kicked in.

There is also wine by the glass or bottle, and the bars are fully stocked with liquor choices.

Everybody has to eat, and Bentley’s serves a full menu with plenty of apps, burgers and a few entrees.

Almost every day of the week, there is a food special: Stir-fry night on Monday, all-you-can-eat fish and chips on Tuesday, and wing night on Wednesday.

Stop in for the pig roast on Saturday or lobster dinner nights on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday also feature an $8 all-you-can eat breakfast buffet (try the omelet station and the Bloody Mary bar).

If you’re looking for entertainment, Bentley’s has that too. Expect music Wednesday through Sunday, including weekly karaoke and open mic nights. Check out the entertainment schedule at www.bentleyssaloon.com.

Like many tourist-attracting restaurants, Bentley’s has a popular gift shop and motel attached.

But there’s something else really cool — a campground. Whether you’ve had a few too many or need a place to rest during a two-wheeled road trip, they have you covered.

It’s no surprise that Bentley’s is a local favorite and a main attraction for bikers visiting Maine during tourist season.

So grab your hog friends and see what all the fuss is about.

And don’t forget to bring a tent.


Amber Olesen is a freelance writer who lives in Westbrook.