WESTBROOK — A firefighter with a 1983 felony robbery conviction who was placed on paid leave after his arrest for illegally possessing firearms has lost his job.

James Gammon, a full-time firefighter for the Westbrook Fire and Rescue Department, was fired from the department. City Administrator Jerre Bryant declined to discuss the reasons for his dismissal. Gammon also declined to comment.

Gammon was arrested on June 25 and charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. Gammon has a 1983 felony conviction for robbery, according to records at the state Bureau of Investigation. Gammon was placed on leave after his arrest.

Rick Dorr, a call firefighter for the department who was placed on unpaid leave after his June 22 arrest, will meet with city officials at 4 p.m. today. Dorr was charged with domestic violence, criminal threatening, and obstructing the report of a crime.

JP DeGrinney, the lawyer who represents Dorr, said in a statement that the District Attorney’s Office has dropped the charge of criminal threatening. Dorr still faces charges of obstruction.