The Peaks Island Council seems poised to resign itself out of existence, but island residents shouldn’t be overly concerned.

They will still be represented on the Portland City Council and the School Committee, and they would still have a voice in how they are governed, even though they may not be crazy about the direction the government takes.

In other words, they would face the same conditions as every other neighborhood in Portland that does not have a popularly elected advisory board.

Last week we learned that three Peaks board members whose terms end this year are not running for re-election and three other members have submitted their resignations. To top it off, the board’s chairman is considering doing the same.

That means that even if three people are elected in November to fill the expiring seats, what was supposed to be a seven-member board would not be able to form a quorum, making it as good as dead.

The resignations reflect a level of frustration with the perceived lack of progress islanders have made in their relationship with the city, stemming from the 2007 effort for the island to secede from the city. The Legislature did not approve the divorce, but instructed both sides to do a better job of working together.

Island council members say they are frustrated that the city doesn’t listen to them, and are particularly angry that a police officer assigned to Peaks Island duty has been replaced by a firefighter.

But service cuts during a recession are not just an island phenomenon. Everyone in Portland is finding out what happens when the city has to tighten its belt.

And it’s not as if Portland has been unresponsive to all of the island council’s concerns. There have been changes made to make more parking available for residents and offset the cost of transportation, just not as much as some islanders would like.

If the people of Peaks thought that they were getting an independent municipal government, then it would be just as well that the council dissolve itself. Peaks is still part of Portland and secession was defeated.

Even without a council, Peaks Islanders will still have the same representation that every other Portland resident enjoys.