OAKLAND — A man convicted of attempting to murder his estranged wife was arrested Tuesday at his apartment in town — which was within view of the Oakland Police Department — after disappearing earlier this year while on probation.

Michael D. Shoemaker, 54, was living at 44 Fairfield St. and had been considered “potentially armed and dangerous” by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. 

Acting on a tip, Oakland police officers arrived at Shoemaker’s apartment about 3 p.m. Tuesday and arrested him on a warrant without any incident, according to Capt. Rick Stubbert. On scene were Stubbert, Police Chief Mike Tracy, and officers Gary Bowman and Jerry Haines.

“It was a quick and tactical arrest,” Stubbert said. “He’s been living there since March and quite anonymously. We’ve had no contact with him.”

Stubbert said Shoemaker was living alone in the single-bedroom apartment, which in the rear of a a multi-unit building. Police did not find any weapons at the residence, Stubbert said.

Police said Shoemaker was convicted of attempted murder following an incident on May 13, 1997, when he stabbed his estranged wife, Mary Shoemaker, with a knife and choked her.

He was released on probation after serving eight years in prison and has been wanted as a fugitive from justice.