Regarding Ron Bancroft’s column “GOP obstructionism stains Democrats’ image with voters,” July 27:

Republicans have made it appear that Obama is ineffective? No, my friend, Obama has proven that all by himself.

It is Obama’s bowing to tyrants, Obama’s thinking that he has “magic” which would make our enemies love us, his redistribution of wealth hoping for that to make the American population dependent on the government (resulting in votes for the Democrats), his own racial comments and actions, and his ridiculous spending that he blames on former President George W. Bush that have the voters of this country extremely upset.

Obama has proven all by himself that everything he does is based on his ideology and power hunger and it has nothing to do with the GOP.

By the way, it has nothing to do with the American people, either. If it did, he would listen to us instead of demonizing us. With all due respect, the same goes for Ron Bancroft! Nice try, but only idiots buy in to his thinking.

Thank God Americans are waking up and realizing what is happening to our country. Thank God for the alternative press that actually informs us all of what is happening.

It is very refreshing to see Bancroft’s type of distortion of the truth get exposed over and over again. He states in his commentary that Obama tried to bring Republicans on board.

Is that why it all took place behind closed doors and in the middle of the night without a single Republican involved?

It is amazing to see over and over again how elitists such as Bancroft truly seem to think that we, the American people, are ignorant and stupid.

We are not as stupid and ignorant as you think — we are on to you and we will prove that come November.