FREEPORT — A handful of daytime residential break-ins on Monday have police in Freeport and Brunswick on alert. 

Lt. Susan Nourse encouraged residents to report suspicious activity or anything that appears out of the ordinary to the local police departments.

“My concern is that someone saw something, but didn’t report it because they thought someone else might have,” she said Tuesday. “I’d encourage people to keep an eye on their neighbors and call with any concerns.”

Nourse said there were three burglaries reported on Aug. 2 in Freeport, and one attempted and one actual in Brunswick. She said residents reported computers, cash and jewelry were stolen totalling at least $10,000. Some of the houses were unlocked and some were broken into, she said.

She urged residents to contact Freeport police at 865-4800 or the Brunswick Police Department at 725-6621.

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