This is in regard to the July 30 Bill Nemitz column concerning Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage. (“Communique to candidate: Mr. LePage, people are listening”).

I only read Nemitz’s column now and then; however, as this one was the top story of the Local and State section, it caught my eye.

Based on the column it appears that Mr Nemitz would like to be Maine’s Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz by being a liberal attack dog.

It’s clear to see his partisan liberal attacks are his attempt to follow their way of journalism.

Why has he not attacked Libby Mitchell on her record of the normal liberal policies of tax and spend? Tell me one instance where she has cut taxes or spending in our state for all the years that she has been in office. He can’t. All he can do is attack.

I also have to ask why was this political opinion piece was put as the lead story on a news page of the paper instead of in the commentary section? Could the reason be that the liberal far left of this newspaper is supporting this attack?

Well, for one thing, I don’t intend on reading any more of Mr. Nemitz’s columns, as all they are just acts of attempting to be a Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz wannabe.

We don’t need this in Maine politics. At least not as a lead item on a news page. Maybe you could have just left out all the attacking, but no, that isn’t the liberal-left way, is it?

To the editors: That’s why the column should have been someplace else. But you couldn’t do that either — could you?


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