A 24-year-old Falmouth woman who police say stole an elderly cancer patient’s medication was arrested the next day, when she and her boyfriend stole alcohol from a country store.

According to Maine State Police, Lalah Kargar knocked on an elderly man’s door in Limington and asked to use the bathroom. The man said she could not come in, but Kargar opened the door and walked in, according to police.

Kargar told the man she was a nurse and grabbed a prescription bottle of Vicodin before running out the door.

According to police, the man pleaded with Kargar to leave the medicine because he needed it to survive.

Police arrested Kargar and Timothy Gauthier, 26, of Sanford the next day for stealing alcohol from the Alfred Country Store. Kargar still had the cancer patient’s bottle in her possession and was charged with unlawful possession of a scheduled drug.

She was also charged with receiving stolen property and theft because she had a stolen guitar in her vehicle from a July 29 burglary in Limington.

Gauthier was charged with theft and violation of conditions of release. He was also charged with falsifying physical evidence after he tried to dump the pills in a trash can at the Maine State Police barracks.

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