The Falmouth Facilities Committee is urging the Town Council to adopt its recommendations for new use of the Plummer-Motz and Lunt schools and land as a “new” town center. The center would contain the library, Town Hall and recreation center, maybe more.

Admirable aspirations, but is it justified and needed in the precarious state of our local, state and national economy? Short answer: no.

The cost of moving from our present Town Hall would be at least $9.5 million and, I’m certain, more. To finance this boondoggle would require the near depletion of our surplus rainy day fund, coupled with a bond issue (debt) for the remainder. For taxpayers’ sakes, put this property on the market for sale and get income to the town coming in and not out.

As well intended as the facility members may have been in reaching their conclusions and recommendation, they hardly can imagine the hard times this town would face if we continue saddling it with debt and depletion of our cash account. If one thinks times are now tough, pray to God we don’t sink in to a full-blown depression, which would turn this town financially upside down.

Councilors should not allow this recommendation to see the light of day. Do not permit it to go to referendum. Save us the cost of printing this ballot and all it’s attendant expenses. Get the land and buildings into the hands of private enterprise so it can revert back to the tax roles of the town.

Ronald A. Hart