Poll finds Democrats falling among nonpartisan voters

Only 32 percent of those citing no allegiance to either major party say they want Democrats to keep control of Congress in this November’s elections, according to combined results of recent Associated Press-GfK polls.

That’s way down from the 49 percent to 41 percent edge by which independents preferred Democratic candidates for the House in 2008, according to exit polls of voters.

Nine out of 10 independents call the economy the top problem, with no other issue coming close, the analysis of the AP-GfK polls shows. While others rank the economy the No. 1 problem in similar numbers, they’re nearly as worried about their No. 2 issues: health care for Democrats and terrorism for Republicans.

Independents trust Republicans more on the economy, by 42 percent to 36 percent. That’s bad news for Democrats, who control Congress at a time of near 10 percent unemployment and the slow recovery.

Four in 10 of those polled recently describe themselves as independents.


Tea party advocates show support on immigration law

Tea party groups converged on a remote section of the U.S.-Mexico border Sunday to show support for Arizona’s new immigration law.

Several speaking to the crowd of more than 400 called on Congress and President Obama to devote more resources to border security in remote areas like the site of Sunday’s demonstration south of Tucson.

“We are going to force them to do it, because if they don’t, we will not stop screaming,” said Pam Gorman, one of 10 Republicans vying for a north Phoenix congressional seat.

Obama on Friday signed a bill directing $600 million more to securing the U.S.-Mexico border.

A federal judge last month delayed part of Arizona’s law that would require officers to check immigration status while enforcing other laws if they have “reasonable suspicion” the person was in the country illegally.


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