The board of trustees of Falmouth Memorial Library would like to clarify that, consistent with our written resolution of Aug. 17 and Trustee Sean Joyce’s comments, we believe that moving to Lunt very likely will meet our long-term needs. Our concern is and has been that this move is accomplished in the most fiscally prudent manner possible. With that in mind we are resolved to continue to speak with the town, the Town Council and our fellow residents in order to achieve this in the most satisfactory way possible for all parties concerned.

Additionally, based on our conversations with other Falmouth residents, it may be helpful if we clarified that the library is a private not-for-profit organization, and not a town department. However, the town of Falmouth and the library have an affiliation agreement that needs to be renegotiated if the library occupies a different space. The town and the library are currently discussing a modified agreement in the event a move to Lunt school does occur.

Chantal Walker, president
Falmouth Memorial Library