In regards to Greg Kesich’s Aug. 18 column, “Poll shows that governor’s race is shaping up”: Chalk this one up as another Paul LePage hatchet job by the staff of Maine’s most influential newspaper.

This follows close upon the heels of the recent Bill Nemitz piece, which might as well have been purchased by the column inch for the Maine Democratic Party.

Ostensibly, Kesich’s column revolves around the fact that LePage maintains a solid 8-point lead over his closest opponent in the latest Rasmussen poll. Incredibly, the writer seems to conclude that Paul LePage’s strong poll results are somehow bad news for his campaign!

Kesich predictably uses his column as a springboard to rehash every negative charge that’s been lofted at LePage since he announced his candidacy. Of course, Kesich has nary a negative word to say about Libby Mitchell, given the fact that her name is followed by a “D”: After all, Greg Kesich knows the rules of professional journalism as well as anyone!

If Paul LePage is elected, it won’t be because of the tea party. In my opinion, the voters that tip the balance will be middle-class Mainers who have spent the last two decades watching neighboring states grow their economies.

Meanwhile, their own legislators don’t seem to be able to do anything but erect roadblocks to economic success.

Personally, I don’t intend to vote for LePage, and I think his election would be a slight cause for alarm.

But a Paul LePage administration is starting to look increasingly likely with little more than two months left before the election.

When Democrats wake up on Nov. 3, the ones that survive the shock of the initial headlines are only going to have themselves to blame for their chronic mishandling of Maine’s economic policies.

You reap what you sow.


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