Q: Your jewelry has a unique design, how did you achieve that style?

A: When I first started, I just loved the simplicity of glass, and I really didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the glass with my designs. I chose to just keep my pieces very simple and refined and really let the glass stand out.


Q: When did you start working with glass and what got you interested in the medium?

A: I started about 18 years ago. I was working in advertising. It was just a creative outlet to have in the midst of all the chaos in advertising and that whole world. I started making glass earrings for friends as gifts. I had purchased some old stained glass equipment from a friend and started making things. One friend said, “These are so beautiful, you should start selling them.”


Q: How does the fused glass in your pieces work?

A: After working with the glass drops, I decided to purchase a kiln. With a kiln, you can create and achieve so many different looks with the glass. It was something I taught myself and did by trial and error and learned how to fuse glass to the end product I was looking for. It does allow more flexibility for size and shape and different colors fused together.


Q: So are you completely self-taught?


A: I taught myself how to do it all, and once I refined my soldering skills, that’s when I decided to get into more kiln firing. It was all by trial and error and it’s just a lot of fun because you never really know what your end product is until you open that kiln.


Q: How do you select color coordinations?

A: It’s really a personal preference. Over time, I’ve developed an eye for what colors work together and which do not.

Q: Are there any new designs you are developing?

A: I’m always looking for new and different items to add to my lines to keep myself and my customers interested and intrigued with what I may be coming up with. Right now, I’m so busy with particular items that I usually wait until the dead of winter. That’s when I put in some creative thoughts of what I want to add to my spring line.


Q: Where can people find your jewelry?

A: I have some really great local folks that carry my work. I feel so lucky to have such nice people that I work with. In Portland, there is Port Boutique on Wharf Street, Simply Perfect in Scarborough, Simply You in Saco and the Red Geranium II in Biddeford Pool.


Q: You also have a selection of mosaics, what got you into that?

A: Glass is so beautiful and I have so many different types of colors and glass, I decided adding a line of houseware items would not be a bad thing to do. So I thought practical, useful pieces of art, such as mirrors, would be a really great addition to the rest of my work. It was just something totally different to work with so I can keep learning and evolving and enjoying what I do.


Q: Did you take any classes for that?

A: No, I did not take any classes. I just researched products to use in making mosaics and learned by trial and error which were the best materials and which to stay away from.


Q: What is your favorite part of the process?

A: I love it all. I really like dealing with my customers. I love the creative aspect of it, but being in the studio all the time, by myself, it’s nice to deal with my customers. When they are happy, it makes me happy.


Q: Are you particularly fond of a certain piece you’ve made?


A: I have about 70 pair of earrings in every color I make. I love wearing earrings. I never leave the house without a pair of earrings on.

Q: Do you ever open your studio to customers?

A: I have two open houses a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This year’s fall studio sale will be the weekend of Oct. 22, 23 and 24. For further details, such as directions, anybody can e-mail me.


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