SKOWHEGAN – A Fairfield man pleaded guilty Thursday in Somerset County Superior Court to assaulting his former wife and forcing her to swallow his wedding ring.

Justice John Nivison sentenced Darryl Alan Roberts, 44, to three years in prison for aggravated criminal mischief, domestic violence assault and two counts of domestic violence terrorizing.

Roberts also pleaded guilty to violating his probation conditions from a previous conviction for domestic violence assault against the woman.

The woman, Theresa Rice, 30, said she still fears for her safety and worries that Roberts will continue to contact her from prison. “It’s hell. I have to worry constantly about what’s going on,” she said.

“I don’t understand how, with four felonies, he can only get three years,” she said. She said she plans to apply for a protection order when he is released.

District Attorney Evert Fowle said he understood Rice’s concerns. The maximum sentence the court could have imposed was five years.

“He certainly deserves every day of the three years,” Fowle said. “If the victim thinks that less-than-complete justice was served, I don’t blame her.”

Roberts’ most recent conviction stems from the night of June 23, when he kicked his way into Rice’s home and locked bedroom. Police say he grabbed her by the throat and punched her in the head.

At one point, when she opened her mouth to scream, he shoved his wedding band into her mouth and then held her mouth and nose until she swallowed the ring.

He also called her numerous times before and after the attack to make threats on her life. On June 24, he told her he was going to wait for her in her apartment and kill her when she came home, according to court documents.