Hurricane Earl left Maine largely unscathed as it traveled along the East Coast Friday night.

The storm dumped heavy rain along the state’s midcoast, but its strong winds were offshore as the hurricane stayed toward the southern and eastern edge of its forecast track.

Hope, in Knox County, received 4.25 inches of rain overnight and Brunswick recorded about 3 inches, said George Wiseman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. In Gray, where the NWS offices in Maine are located, 2.25 inches of rain fell.

Wiseman said there were no indications of anything other than light winds as the storm passed south of Cape Cod and headed east, out to sea. Forecasts early Friday had suggested there was a chance the storm could head through the Gulf of Maine, which would have resulted in heavier rain and strong winds along the coast.

Earl was downgraded to a tropical storm late Friday night and all tropical storm watches and warnings that were in effect for the coast of Maine have been lifted.

“It sort of left with a whimper,” Wiseman said.