– According to the latest information, the Maine independent candidates are not making much of a dent, and the governor’s race will go to either Paul LePage or Libby Mitchell.

Only one of these candidates seeks to protect Maine’s environment while creating jobs.

And only one of these candidates has the courage to face media and public scrutiny while campaigning. Only one of these candidates has the energy and experience to reform Maine’s government.

I am voting for Libby Mitchell, and I encourage you to do the same.

Patricia J. Washburn


I’ve been observing the five gubernatorial candidates for a few weeks, and there is no question who is the best person for governor: It is Kevin Scott. Here are the reasons:

1. He has a formal education and majored in government.

2. He has a successful business experience that includes working with major corporations throughout the United States.

3. He has experience in local government, including moderating town meetings, and is president of the Andover Water District.

4. He knows the importance of cutting government waste without sacrificing special care for the unfortunate.

5. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

6. He has a dynamic personality with a professional presence.

7. He understands the importance of working with and getting input from all businesses in and out of Maine.

8. He knows that a leader is only successful by the people he has around him.

9. He understands the importance of working with all parties in his administration and keeping the public informed on critical matters.

10. He knows the true meaning of common sense, which is sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

For example, he favors reducing size of state government with a 32-hour voluntary work week that reduces government cost and through attrition reduces government size, all the while building family, community, and institutionalizing a long-term solution to our most pressing concerns. That’s common sense.

I’m 76 years old and have dealt with thousands of people over the years, and I can assure you that Kevin Scott is the best choice for governor.

Bill Brown Sr.


I worked in the insurance industry for 25 years and have lived in Gorham for 30 years. I had an accident 12 years ago and brought my vehicle to Moody’s Collision Centers for the repairs.

Because I was working in insurance and living in Gorham, I was able to see first-hand the hard work, pride and commitment Shawn Moody put into his business. I also saw the respect shown to Shawn by the insurance industry and community.

The success of a company depends entirely on the character of the person conducting it.

Shawn Moody is a brilliant businessman who has been recognized by local, state and national organizations for his accomplishments. His integrity, dedication and true caring for people is the reason for his success and the reason I have worked with Shawn for 12 years.

It’s these qualities and his love of our state that will make Shawn Moody a very successful governor.

As you vote for Shawn Moody, stand tall and be proud knowing that you can trust Shawn to work hard for the people of Maine and our state.

Debra Gale


Kudos to your editorial board for the recent piece on Maine’s public education system. The status quo is not working. We need to change it. Special interests have a stranglehold on our ability to implement any effective change.

What can we expect from our gubernatorial candidates on this issue? Certainly more of the same old, same old from Libby Mitchell. To nobody’s surprise, she was endorsed by the Maine teachers union, a group that is funneling money to her to keep the status quo for another four years.

Libby Mitchell likely will do what the teachers’ union wants rather than what our students need. Meaningful reform is not on her agenda.

As for Paul LePage, he’s more interested in ignoring these problems and making sure that creationism is taught in schools. And his time as Waterville’s mayor should give everyone pause for concern.

After six years in power, Le- Page decimated Waterville’s per pupil spending, far below the average Maine town, such that fourth- and eighth-graders didn’t meet state standards for reading and math.

We need a governor who is tough-minded and independent to improve our education system. Eliot Cutler is that candidate. He’s the only candidate who warned state officials long before Maine was denied Race to the Top funds that our application didn’t promote reform or innovation (the reason we were denied those funds).

He’s the only candidate who will open Maine’s education system, rather than tearing it down, by allowing charter schools and evaluating teachers based, in part, on student achievement.

The other candidates will spend time diverting our attention from the real problems.

Eliot Cutler is the only candidate presenting innovative ideas that will provide real reform in our education system. That’s what our children need. That’s what our future demands.

Kerry Corthell


I have been following the career of Paul LePage of Waterville for quite some time now, and I am very favorably impressed with his record of service as mayor of Waterville for eight years.

While other budgets have been going up, Waterville’s has been going down. As a businessman of substantial experience, Paul soon came to realize that taxpayers’ money was being spent unwisely. And he did something about it.

This is exactly the type of person we need in the governor’s chair in Augusta. Someone who understands budgets. Someone who knows how to cut out the waste. Someone who knows how to serve the public.

Paul grew up under circumstances which would have done in most of us: In a huge family, he had inadequate care; he left home at 11 years of age and lived with various “parents” — yet was a youngster who recognized the value of education and put himself through high school and college. This is a record practically unheard of in today’s world, a Horatio Alger tale of rising from the ashes if ever there was one — the difference being that LePage’s story is truth, not fiction.

As we know, the budget of the state of Maine has been getting steadily worse; yet the proffered solutions have always been to find more ingenious ways to raise taxes rather than cut expenditures.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is a process unknown to the prevailing governmental authority in Augusta. The time for change is long overdue.Paul LePage is the person to champion this change.

Orville T. Ranger


I support Shawn Moody for governor of Maine; I challenge and encourage all voting citizens of Maine to spend some time getting to know Shawn; he is definitely a person who “thinks outside the box,” which is what Maine (and the nation) need at this time. As Shawn says, “We’ve tried it their way, let’s try it ours.”

If you have access to a computer go to www.moodygov.com and learn about Shawn and what he can do for this great state of ours; or call 839-2244 and ask questions, have literature sent to you so you can come to know a great man; someone who can accomplish things, someone who is as honest as the day is long and works just as hard as he expects anyone around him to work to get the job done, whatever that job may be.

Family, business or community, Shawn gives more than 100 percent. Yes, I am family, have been for 35 years and watched Shawn grow up with my younger sisters; all I’m asking is if you get to know the man, you’ll like what you see.

Let’s get a person in office who knows how to get things done, done right and doesn’t shy away from hard work.

Roxanne Hanscom Moody