Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion is on the mend after a breaking his ankle on the campaign trail.

Dion was collecting signatures and donations three weeks ago in his bid to become a clean elections candidate for the House District 113 seat. As he left the house of a supporter, a door mat slipped out from under him as he stepped down onto it and he tumbled, twisting his right ankle.

Dion continued to go door to door that day and the next, but by the third day, the pain was too much. He got x-rays that showed his right ankle had two breaks and a bone chip.

He had to wear an immobilizing boot, which he was able to stop using this week.

His wife, Cheryl, picked up the slack and resumed the door-to-door campaigning, collecting the required signatures and donations by the deadline, Dion said. Maybe that’s fitting. She’s a nurse and told him his ankle injury was probably a sprain and to take a couple Ibuprofin.

There may be something about the District 113 seat. Rep. Joan Cohen broke her leg skiing shortly after deciding to run for the seat two years ago.